Eden’s HypnoBirthing Story

The early arrival of Eden

Eden James Ross made a surprisingly early arrival at 36 weeks on 21.3.19 at 7.07am. My birth plan went out the window as we had to go to hospital straight away and couldn’t be at home for any of the birth as he was pre-term so I had to be monitored. BUT I still had a natural birth with no drugs!

I used the affirmations and the ‘labour cheat sheet’ we did on Monday during progressive labour. This was great because it gave Clayton and I a reference so we could see what stage we were at and what to do. I used the clary sage and boy did that work!! I was in active labour really quickly after that!

During active labour I used the affirmations again to help with self doubt and the key word ‘strawberry’ to remind myself to relax.
Clayton did light touch massage and jaw massage and coached me with the breathing. Surge breathing was highly effective for me and with this tool alone I was able to get through each surge easily.

Birthing stage was hard and this was where I had thoughts that I couldn’t do it. I remembered you telling me that you said you couldn’t do it and your sister had said ‘You ARE doing it’. This really resonated with me and I found telling myself this was enough to know I could do this and I was close.

Birth breathing was difficult and I found I succumbed to the pushing as this made it so much more bearable but Clayton was reminding me to breathe which helped with me being able to reduce the force of the pushing a bit so it was effective, but not causing too much pressure.

I can honestly say I would not have had the confidence to do that if I hadn’t done your course. I would have panicked and gone for intervention but because I was so prepared and had so many tools to use I was able to continue with a natural birth, so I wanted to thank you so much for that.

With the HypnoBirthing tools and your personal coaching we felt prepared and confident to be able to get through it and have the birth we wanted. Clayton was talking to a friend about the birth and said that the HypnoBirthing course was worth every cent! That was great to hear because it was obviously very valuable for him to be able to support me.

I wanted to share this with you as I wanted you to know how much we benefited from your course and we wanted to thank you for helping us with this birth experience.

I would love to leave a review so others can see the value in this programme.

Hayley, Clayton and Eden


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