The birth story of Samuel

Hi Carla,
We welcomed Samuel into the world on Boxing Day after an amazing HypnoBirthing experience! 

My water broke at 3.15 am and contractions started a few hours later around 5am I relaxed at home until 6.30 but then left for the hospital before our daughter woke up as we knew she would be clingy.

Once at the hospital regular contractions started at 8.15 and I was able to have a water birth with him being born at 10.08.

Dave and I used breathing techniques, relaxation music, massage and deep relaxation and I was surprised how much this helped reduce the intensity of the contractions. I found standing up better also then sitting or lying. 

Being in the water was amazing, I did get to the transition phase and want it to stop however once we got passed this I was able to refocus with the help of Dave and the amazing midwife and deliver baby.

Unfortunately Samuel had the cord wrapped around his neck twice and required Resuscitation with CPAP and special care nursery for 24 hours. 
Despite him needing this special attention he is doing really well and at this stage I would say he is my most chilled baby with feeding being a breeze compared to my other 2 children. 

Dave and I where on such a high after the delivery and after achieving what we had set out to do with the help of your HypnoBirthing classes. 

A big thank you Carla for all your knowledge and experience my only regret is not knowing the power of HypnoBirthing for baby number 1 & 2.

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