The birth story of Henry

Henry’s beautiful breech birth

In May 2018 my husband and I found out we were expecting a baby, which was super exciting news after over a year of trying and some infertility issues. I was lucky enough to have a relatively easy pregnancy with few symptoms and was able to stay fit and active, running until approximately 24 weeks and boxing and Pilates well into my third trimester.

I knew early on that I wanted to explore hypnobirthing, as it was something two of my sisters had done and recommended. I found Carla online and my husband and I attended a course from around 27 weeks. My husband was pleasantly surprised that the course was filled with practical and useful advice, he was expecting something a lot more abstract! We learnt so much and were looking forward to a calm, relaxed water birth experience.

However, at 36 weeks our plans changed. After being monitored for reduced Fetal movement, I was sent for a scan at the hospital. This revealed that our baby was breech. A real surprise as recent checks by the midwives had not picked this up.

I immediately researched techniques to turn a breech baby and tried it all – moxibustion, chiropractors, spinning babies, a fear release and hypnosis with Carla – Even handstands in the pool and ice packs on my belly! However it was to no avail and at 38 weeks I had an appointment at the hospital for an ECV. It was at this appointment that the hypnobirthing techniques first came into play. I listened to the rainbow relaxation and practiced my breathing whilst waiting for the muscle relaxer to kick in. Then, during the procedure I continued to concentrate on my breathing and relaxing through the uncomfortable sensations. The ECV was ultimately unsuccessful but both the midwives and doctor commented on how well I did and how calm I was.

It was then that we had to make the decision on if we would proceed with a vaginal breech birth or book for an elective c section. The vaginal scenario seemed so far from my plans of a calm, relaxed birth – with intervention highly likely and a large number of medical staff required. Not to mention the prospect of an emergency c section! So we decided on the elective c section, as at least I felt I could do something to prepare myself.

Less than a week later we arrived at the hospital, ready for surgery. I was surprised at how calm I was – it was as if I knew this was the right decision and right way for my baby to arrive. The staff were amazing and allowed us some quiet time and space together in a dark room as I was prepped for surgery. Here I was able to listen to the relaxation tracks and practice my breathing.

Once in the operating theatre, my husband helped me through the spinal by reassuring me and talking me through my breathing. I was super happy that I made it through the cannula and spinal with no fainting- a common fate for me.

Less than 30 minutes later, our gorgeous son Henry arrived – red faced and screaming, whilst we had calming music playing and a really relaxed vibe.

As Carla had told us all along, things happened as they were meant to. We were so grateful to have the hypnobirthing training, despite our plans changing and our birthing journey taking a different path. We wouldn’t change it for the world and perhaps may experience that water birth with a future baby. We can’t recommend hypnobirthing enough and would highly rate Carlas courses for any expectant parents!!


Thanks Jess and Colin for sharing your amazing breech birth story of Henry. 

HypnoBirthing teaches birthing families to advocate for their choices in order to have a positive and empowering birth experience.  

If you’d like to learn more about HypnoBirthing or want to register for a class click here

breech birth, The birth story of Henry

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