The birth of Hugo


Hugo was born on the 16th July 2018.  His parents attended a full HypnoBirthing course with me for their first birth and recently attended a refresher class… then this happened…

Hi Carla

Just letting you know that baby was born on 16 July!

We called him Hugo Frederick. 

It was a spontaneous labour at 38+4 weeks. Very different to last time around! 

Started off with menstrual type cramps throughout the Sat night which disappeared as soon as I got up and started my day on Sunday.

Started again but more intense on the Sunday evening.  Watched a few hours of silly television and then sent Joel off to get some sleep because I thought it would fizzle out again. Tried to rest but didn’t really get any sleep. Surges were quite uncomfortable but didn’t ever really get closer together or longer. Got through the night with surge breathing, 54321, and a couple of sessions in the shower. Did lots of side lying and trying to sleep.

In the morning we rang the midwife because I was so tired from the lack of sleep. Our midwife stayed for a few hours and then examined me and I was 7cm!  

Headed off to hospital. I had developed gestational hypertension shortly after our session and ended up medicated so I wasn’t able to use the birth centre or get in the bath, which wasn’t ideal but at least I knew in advance that that’s how it would be. We got to the hospital at about 11 and he was born at 12.30 so it all happened very fast from there. I didn’t really ever feel an urge to push so baby somehow came all the way down by himself – my body was just doing it automatically. I definitely lost the plot during crowning though – did not feel that part last time due to the epi.  All my techniques just went totally out the window at that point. Luckily it didn’t last long though.

In the end he was almost born en caul – my midwife said the waters only broke when his shoulder came out. I got to pick him up myself and put him on me.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know and say thank you for the refresher. I felt so much more calm this time. I was able to use my breathing and relax between surges and I really think that’s how I managed to progress so well this time. I had the bedroom set up as a little nest with my relaxation music on and candles set up in the bathroom and it felt really relaxing. After we talked about it with you in our session we also decided just to labour at home instead of trying to go to Mum’s, and it was absolutely the right idea. I was so much more comfortable at home and moving would have just stressed me out.

Sorry for the novel! Thank you again. Hope all is well with you.



To book a refresher class with Carla, check out this page to book:

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