Sleep Workshops

Group Sleep Workshops are currently run live via Zoom with online self-paced workshops coming soon. Face-to-face workshops in Brisbane will return post COVID-19.

You’ll learn the basic building blocks of sleep (sleep foundations) and how you can apply and implement these in your home to improve sleep for your child.

Online Newborn Sleep Workshop


pregnancy to 4 months

Online Newborn Sleep Workshop
with 30 min Consultation


pregnancy to 4 months

Newborn Sleep Workshop

0 - 4 months

An online, interactive & informative workshop for pregnant couples and parents with newborns (0-4 months). 

What you’ll learn

  • how to help your baby transition from womb to world
  • how to settle, soothe and swaddle
  • how to set up a safe & optimal sleep space
  • how bonding, feeding and development all play a role with sleep
  • routines, wake windows & reading your baby’s cues
  • sleep associations & developing independent sleep skills
  • how to handle the 4 month sleep regression 

**Sleep training is not recommended for babies under 6 months, this workshop doesn’t cover sleep training, behavioural methods, strict feeding or sleeping schedules as this is just not how newborns roll. 

Instead, we’ll cover the sleep foundations and how implementing these can improve sleep for your baby.  You’ll come away with a plan of action to implement immediately. 

Includes: workshop recording available for 4 weeks, worksheets and Newborn Sleep Toolkit (E-Book).

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Online Baby Sleep Workshop
Sunday June 28 10am-12pm


4 - 12 months

Online Baby Sleep Workshop
with 30 minute consultation


4 - 12 months

Baby Sleep Workshop

4-12 months ​

What you’ll learn:

  • how to set up a safe and optimal sleep space
  • how emotional wellbeing, nutrition & developmental play a role
  • sleep science: wake windows & recommended sleep totals
  • beating bedtime battles
  • sleep associations
  • self-settling & behavioural methods (overview)

You’ll work through the basics of sleep and learn which areas you can work on to improve your baby’s sleep at home. You’ll come away with a plan to begin implementing right away. We’ll also discuss how you can identify sleep-associations, foster independence and I’ll share with you my tried and tested behavioural methods. 

Includes: workshop recording available for 4 weeks, worksheets and Baby Sleep Toolkit (E-Book).