Sleep Consultations

In a sleep consultation I’ll gather detailed information, we’ll discuss your challenges and

goals and you’ll receive a personalised sleep plan to implement. 

Sleep Consultations, Sleep Consultations

1 hr Sleep Consultation


ideal for pregnancy to 4 months

Phone, via zoom or in-home for Brisbane.

I collect information from you via an online questionnaire. We’ll schedule your consult and I’ll follow up with a written plan for you to implement.

Includes Baby Sleep Toolkit E-Book. This is a great option for pregnant couples who’d like to prepare for their newborn’s arrival and for parents of newborns 0-4 months. Or you might have an older baby or toddler and would like some tips and pointers on some troublesome areas or challenges you’re experiencing.

*30 min consultations are available if you have purchased an online sleep workshop or attended one in-person. We can use this time to answer any remaining questions and discuss your sleep challenges in more detail. $65


Sleep Consultations, Sleep Consultations

3 wk Support Package


ideal for 5 - 36 months

Phone, via zoom or in-home for Brisbane.

In this package, I’ll provide you with a sleep tracking app so that you can track your little one’s sleep prior to our consultation. I’ll also collect in-depth information from you via an online questionnaire.

Your consult will last 1-2 hours and you’ll be provided with a plan to implement within 24 hours. You’ll have ongoing support for 3 weeks once you receive your plan.

Support includes 4 x 20min phone calls, daily email and messaging via the sleep tracking app.

This option is for you if you feel way in over your head, don’t know where to start and feel that your challenges are complex. Or, you might just want to ensure you have the support of daily checkins while you implement changes.

What parents say

Why Work with me

I’m a qualified and experienced holistic sleep consultant, with three children of my own. I’m
supportive of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, bed-sharing, co-sleeping, independent sleep and
meeting you where you are at in your parenting journey.

Your child and household is unique so my approach involves gathering information about you
and your challenges, consulting with you to discover and achieve your goals and providing
you with a plan to implement. The level of support you choose is up to you.