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Why should I choose Birth Boot Camp?

Birth Boot Camp Workshops have been meticulously designed to provide expectant parents with the knowledge and confidence to navigate their birth with calm and ease and to provide parents with all the latest evidence based practices so that they can have a positive, empowering and safe birth. 

What’s the difference between Birth Boot Camp and other childbirth education programs?

We are both long standing childbirth educators and through our years of experience teaching couples and attending births we have designed this program to provide expectant parents with exactly what they need to know and focus on ahead of the birth.   We’re aware that many parents are limited on time or just want to learn what will work for them within their schedule and so this workshop works.  It’s held over two days (9-4pm each day) so is an intensive birth education program. 

We know what works and what doesn’t and Birth Boot Camp teaches you the best of it all so you can walk away feeling ready, reassured and excited about your birth. We feel that a face to face program gives couples much more than online childbirth education as you get the chance to ask questions, see how things look in real life scenarios, meet like-minded expectant parents and pick our brains with any questions big or small.

The other great thing with this program is that when the workshop is finished, we will stay connected with you, we’ll check in to see how you’re going and you’ll get access to our knowledge at any time.  You’ll also get access to our Birth Boot Camp Community private facebook group so you can connect with other families and stay connected with our community. 

When is the best time to do Birth Boot Camp?

The best time to start is from 20+ weeks as we find expectant parents start planning and thinking more seriously about their birth at this time.  The techniques and ‘tools’ that we’ll give you will be able to stay fresh in your mind so anytime is a good time.  Being a two day workshop you can also do Birth Boot Camp later in your pregnancy.  We’ve taught mums as late as 37/38 weeks.

How much is the workshop
Birth Boot Camp is $600.  This includes two full days of learning (12 hours) split over two weekends.  You also receive the book ‘Giving Birth with Confidence’, a Workshop Booklet, morning & afternoon tea and a gift bag with information and natural product samples.  Carla & Moran will also continue to support you once you have completed your workshop.  We’ll check in with you after completion of the program and are happy to answer any of your questions and/or point you in the right direction for further research and resources.   

How can I secure a place on a workshop?

  1. Fill in a Booking Form
  2. Pay a $100 deposit to confirm your place
  3. Pay the balance of fees 4 weeks before course commencement via EFT or credit card

Are refunds available if my circumstances change?

Yes.  If you cancel more than 4 weeks before your course starts you will receive a refund less your non-refundable deposit of $150.

Requests for refunds must be applied for in writing.

Once your course has commenced, there is no refund of fees.

Where is the workshop held?

Birth Boot Camp is held at the Grange Community Hall, 187 Wilston Rd, Newmarket.

Do you have online classes?

We are currently offering all of our classes online, via Zoom.  Classes run in much the same way, they are interactive, communicative and we encourage participants to ask questions, share information and learn as a group.   Class materials are posted to you prior to your workshop. 

What will I learn?

Practical tools to use in labour
How your partner supports you in labour 
The natural process of labour & birth & the health-care practices that support it
Movement and positioning during labour & birth (Active Birth)

The hormones of labour & how these help or hinder us
The role that pain plays in labour & a wide range of coping strategies for managing it
How to minimise fear & anxiety through mindfulness

The rights of childbearing women
Medical interventions; indications, risks & alternatives
Making a birth plan
Communicating with your healthcare provider

Prenatal & postpartum nutrition
Postpartum expectations & self care
Local resources to support you during & after pregnancy

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a childbirth method that focuses on preparing parents for birth.  Throughout the course, you will learn proven techniques in a well-thought-out program of deep relaxation, visualisation, and breathing. All of these are designed to help you achieve a more comfortable birth. HypnoBirthing encourages a calm and positive pregnancy, birth, and bonding experience for families.

Who is HypnoBirthing for?

HypnoBirthing® is for all parents wanting to learn in a positive atmosphere, meet like-minded people and feel supported in their choices for their birth.

Classes are interactive, fun, informative and designed to equip parents with the tools necessary to have control over their own birthing experience.

HypnoBirthing focuses on preparing parents for a positive birth experience regardless of the type of birth they are preparing for (first birth, subsequent birth, VBAC or Cesarean).

When should I start classes?

Start anytime from 20+ weeks.  Most couples start between 24 and 30 weeks.  If you are already 36 weeks pregnant, consider a private course that is tailored to your time and schedule.

How can I secure a place on a course?

  1. Fill in a Booking Form
  2. Pay a $150 deposit to confirm your place.
  3. Pay the balance of fees 4 weeks prior to course commencement via EFT or credit card. 

Are refunds available if my circumstances change?

Yes.  If you cancel more than 4 weeks before your course starts you will receive a full refund.  If you have received your course materials you will receive a full refund less $50 (cost of materials).

If you cancel within 4 weeks of your course starting you will receive a refund less your $150 deposit.  This is because we may not be able to secure another client to take your place in the allocated time.   Requests for refunds must be applied for in writing.

Once your course has commenced, there is no refund of fees.

How are HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education classes different from hospital or other antenatal classes?

HypnoBirthing® unlike some other childbirth methods does not focus on pain management, rather its based on the premise that fear creates tension which creates pain in the body.   The five HypnoBirthing® techniques; relaxation, breathing, visualisation, deepening exercises and affirmation help women diminish fears or anxieties that they have in regard to birthing.  You and your birthing companion will learn and practice these techniques in class in order to be able to practice them at home and on your birthing day.  During the course you will also learn about preparing a birth plan and communicating with your care providers.

Why choose the HypnoBirthing® International Program?

Self-hypnosis and deep relaxation are very effective birthing techniques. They are acquired skills that need to be learned gradually and practised between sessions. The Mongan Method format ensures that you have the time to develop the conditioned responses that make HypnoBirthing® so successful.

The class schedule allows the time to explore your feelings, to relax with your partner, to resolve and release any anxieties that may arise, and to become acquainted with your baby through pre-birth parenting.  We like to work with you personally and to follow your progress, so that we can work with you and prepare you to be ready, relaxed, and confident as you approach the birth of your baby.

Is HypnoBirthing® a pain free method?

HypnoBirthing does not promise painless birthing, though many HypnoBirthing mothers do report having a relatively pain-free birth or one that they were able to manage easily.  When the cause of pain–fear that constricts the birthing muscles—is eliminated, birthing can be accomplished in a shorter period and much more comfortably. A relaxed mother’s body will produce more endorphins, nature’s own relaxants.  HypnoBirthing mothers may still experience sensations of tightening or pressure; but most describe their birth experience as working with their body through the sensations.

Can my birthing companion and my birthing assistant (e.g. doula) attend classes?

Of course! We 100% recommend that you bring your partner or birth companion of choice along with you.  If you have a doula or relative who is also attending the birth they are welcome to attend provided we have adequate space for them to do so.  If you would like an additional person to attend the course with you, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

Do you run private courses?

Yes, these are best suited to couples who require flexibility with course scheduling (weekdays, weekends or evenings)

Offered in your own home or via Zoom for couples in remote areas who can’t attend classes locally.  Or, if your partner works FIFO or working away we can also organise private classes where your partner can attend via Zoom.

Please ask if you are in a remote area and I will endeavour to connect you to the closest Practitioner. 

Do you run refresher classes?

Yes, The HypnoBirthing Refresher Workshop is a 2 1/2 hour workshop is tailored to suit your individual needs.

I will offer you a plan of what is usually included in the workshop and you can pick and choose what you would like to cover.

For couples or just for mum.  Available via Zoom or in the comfort of your own home.

Evening zoom sessions are a good choice for parents with young children at home.

What is your approach to sleep training?

My approach to sleep is holistic which means I will take the following aspects into consideration when finding sleep solutions for you:
– your child’s age, temperament, development and emotional wellbeing
– your parenting style, connection and attachment to your child
– family dynamics, optimal sleep environment and nutrition


I will work with you to discover the reasons behind the sleep issues and provide solutions to address the cause of the sleep challenge using an integrative approach. This approach includes applying the foundations of sleep, sleep science and if necessary, gentle sleep coaching methods. Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, co-sleeping or not, I can help you find suitable solutions to your current sleep situation.

Do you use Cry it out?

No, I don’t advocate and don’t recommend using Cry it out as a method, nor do I recommend leaving your child to cry alone for extended periods. I am comfortable using no-cry and gentle methods (which do involve some tears) that are suitable for your child’s age, temperament and situation and most importantly are methods you are comfortable implementing.

What can you help me with?

Pregnancy Sleep | Newborn soothing & settling techniques | Transitioning from co-sleeping to independent sleep | Night weaning strategies | Transitioning from bassinet to cot | Minimising night wakings | Establishing a routine | Transitioning from cot to bed | Bedtime routines | Naps | Early rising| Sleep regressions | Toddler Sleep and more…


How do I know if your approach will work for my situation?

If you aren’t sure about my approach or whether it will be a good fit for you, get in touch via phone or email or take advantage of my free 15 minute consultation. We can then discuss your situation and how I can work with you moving forward and decide from there whether you would like to work with me.

What age should my child be when I start?

There is no ‘set’ age to work on sleep. I work with newborns (0 – 3 months) babies and children up to 5 years. It is not recommended that you use sleep training methods on babies under 6 months of age so we set your baby up for success by focusing on sleep environment, routine, nutrition, emotional wellbeing and development.

What’s included in your sleep packages?

Package includes: questionnaire analysis, Skype/Facetime consultation (1-2 hrs), personalised sleep plan, follow up consultation (1 hr) and ongoing support for 3 weeks (in-app messaging, daily email &  3 x 20 minute calls).

How do I book in?

Call me 0434 010 800 to set up a time to chat (take advantage of my free 15 minutes initial consultation.  Or email me birthbabyhub@gmail.com or fill in a booking form.  I’ll then get in touch with you to chat further and book a time for your consultation.

Do you offer in-home consultations?

Yes, if you are located in Brisbane and surrounds I can offer an in-home consultation (travel charge may apply). If you live outside of Brisbane, please contact me for details.

for your consultation.

I don’t know whether to choose the 1 hr Consult or the 3 wk Package?

It can be hard to know what you need.  Generally speaking the 1 hr sleep consult is perfect for:

  • Parents who are pregnant and want to learn how to set themselves up for sleep success with a newborn
  • Parents of newborns (0-4 months) who are struggling or just aren’t sure whether they are on the right track
  • Parents of older babies and toddlers who have done some research on sleep and have had some success but are currently struggling over a difficult stage, difficult decision or challenging issue like night waking, transitioning, weaning etc


The 3 week support package is perfect for:

  • Babies aged 5 months to 2 years
  • Parents who have no idea where to start or how to improve sleep
  • Parents who know what to do but need to be held accountable and want the support to do it
  • Parents who have a complex case history (trauma, nutrition issues, medical issues, sensory issues etc)
  • Parents of multiples or parents with more than two children who need sleep help
  • Parents who have used sleep training methods before with or without success but want a new perspective or method to try this time around.
  • Single parents who need the additional support to implement sleep changes. 


If you aren’t sure, book in a 15 minute free chat and we can work it out together. 

How do Online Sleep Workshops work?

Select the workshop appropriate for your baby’s age (either 0-3 months or 4-12 months).  When you purchase the workshop you’ll be given access to an online course with 8 lessons.  Each lesson contains a video, downloadable worksheet and additional resources.  The videos are private videos hosted on youtube so you will need a free youtube account to watch these videos.  Once you have completed the workshop you may opt to add on a 30 minute phone consult with Carla.  If you’d like to do this, simply email Carla once you’ve completed your workshop to organise a time and payment or you can fill in a booking form that will be emailed to you on completion of the workshop. 

How long does it take to complete the online workshop?

Both the Newborn Sleep Workshop and the Baby Sleep Workshop contain approximately 90 minutes of video content.  You can work through the videos in your own time.  Watching several times or just the once (whatever works for you).  The videos are broken up into 8 lessons with each lesson containing a downloadable worksheet that you can fill in while watching the videos (or after).  There are links to additional resources in the form of handouts, articles and blogs should you need more information.   The final lesson contains an action plan for you to fill in so you know what you’re doing well at and what areas you can work on right away.   

How long do I have access to the workshop?

You have access for a full 12 months from the date of purchase. 

What does the Newborn SleepWorkshop cover?

This workshop acknowledges that newborns sleep very differently to older babies, which is why this workshop is specifically aimed for babies aged 0-3 months and expectant parents wanting to learn about newborn sleep.  We’ll cover: 

– How Newborns Sleep

– How to know if you need to make changes

– What you can do to improve sleep for your newborn including creating a safe and optimal sleep environment, how nutrition, development and emotional wellbeing all play a role in sleep.  

– Age appropriate routines, reading your baby’s cues and working with wake windows

– The truth behind sleep associations

– Soothing and settling methods 

– How to navigate the 4 month sleep regression 

What does the Baby Sleep Workshop cover?

This workshop takes you through ages 4 to 12 months.  We’ll cover: 

– Sleep cycles, factors affecting sleep and how to know if you need to make changes

– Implementing the sleep foundations to minimise sleep regressions and developmental milestones that impact on sleep 

– How to create a safe and optimal sleep environment

– Nutrition; introducing solids and foods for sleep

– Emotional wellbeing: how bonding and connection can improve sleep

– Routines vs schedules, sleep science, naps, bedtime and recommended sleep totals for your baby

– The truth behind sleep associations

– Behavioural methods; why and when you might use one and my recommendations on which methods to use 

How do I know if the workshop is for me?

If you’d like to learn more about sleep for your baby, or before your baby arrives or you’re facing some challenges around sleep that you’d like to work though, these workshops will help you immensely.  The workshop walks you through the foundations of sleep that are specific to the age of your baby so that you can work through the foundations, implementing each one and improving sleep as you go.  The workshops do not cover behavioural methods in detail nor recommends using ‘cry it out’ or ‘controlled crying’.  If your baby has medical issues or developmental challenges or diagnosed sleep issues such as sleep apnea working one-on-one with Carla in a sleep consultation would be preferable to doing a sleep workshop. 

What if I’m not happy with the workshop?

If you aren’t satisfied with the workshop, please contact me within 14 days of purchase and I will offer you a full refund. 

What’s your approach to sleep?

I’m a Holistic Sleep Consultant which means I look at sleep from many perspectives.  I do believe that we can improve our baby’s sleep without compromising our parenting philosophy or using harsh methods.  By understanding sleep foundations and implementing these we can see big improvements with sleep.  Occasionally, behavioural methods are required to assist with working through issues that are behavioural.  I recommend working with a sleep consultant one-on-one if you are planning to implement a behavioural method and only use one of these methods after you have worked through the sleep foundations.  The Baby Sleep Workshop provides you with the names and resources of some behavioural methods that I have used with success with my own children and clients but I do not delve into detail with each method as it is up to you, the parent to fully understand and implement a method that you feel 100% comfortable using and that fits with your parenting style and your unique situation.   These workshops walk you through the sleep foundations step by step so that you can improve sleep holistically and then assess whether you need to do more work around behaviour. 

What’s the difference between TCM and Raw methods?

The main differences between the two methods are:

Traditional Chinese (inspired) Method: the placenta is washed, steamed at 70 degrees with lemon, ginger and chilli then dehydrated at 70 degrees before being ground to a fine powder and encapsulated in capsules.  The capsules only contain 100% placenta, nothing else is added.

In the Traditional Chinese Method, the steaming stage is said to infuse the placenta with warm yang chi, which is what the body requires in the days following childbirth to heal, replenish and bring the body back to balance.

The Raw Method: the placenta is washed then dehydrated at 70 degrees before being ground to a fine powder and encapsulated in capsules.  With Raw Method preparation the placenta is not steamed, only dehydrated as this is thought to better retain nutrients and enzymes.

This process usually takes longer than TCM as it requires longer drying time, however, it generally produces more capsules than TCM.

Go with whatever method resonates more for you, or if you would like half your placenta prepared TCM and half prepared Raw, this costs an additional $20.  The benefits are the same, so it’s more about your preference of method.

What do I need to tell my care provider?

You need to tell them that you are planning to encapsulate (e.g. consume) your placenta so you need your placenta to be given to you after the birth.  You can provide a container and/or zip lock bags (preferred) or in most cases the hospital will put your placenta into a sealed small white bucket.  The placenta becomes your responsibility until collected by us, we do not collect directly from the hospital Midwives or Obstetricians unless you have a private Midwife or Doula.

What do I do once I’ve given birth to my baby, and placenta?

We recommend you appoint someone other than you (e.g. partner, doula or birth support person) to be your placenta person.  You need to bring an esky and ice packs with you to hospital so that your placenta can be chilled and kept cold within 1-2 hours of birth.   After approximately 6 hours on ice, the placenta needs to be transferred to a fridge.

How long does it take to get my capsules?

You will usually have your capsules back within 2 working days.  We will notify you in advance if it will take a bit longer as it can take up to 3 days.  If your capsules are being hand-delivered it usually takes 24-48 hours for you to have them.  If your capsules are being delivered by post allow 48 to 72 hours (more if you have to wait for the weekend).

How many capsules will I get?

All placentas are different but on average a smaller placenta would produce around 80 capsules, a larger placenta up to 200 or more.  Raw method will yield more capsules than TCM due to the steaming stage, which shrinks the placenta somewhat.

How many capsules should I take?

Most mothers take placenta capsules regularly in the first two to six weeks post-partum and then take as required e.g. when lacking energy or feeling tired.  We will provide a guide on how many and when to take capsules when you receive them.

When is it not safe to consume my placenta?

It’s generally considered unsafe to consume your placenta in the following circumstances:

Medium to heavy meconium staining

Placenta has been birthed over a toilet and touched any part of the toilet

You are a smoker or have smoked throughout your pregnancy

You have taken certain medications throughout your pregnancy (we always have you check this with your care provider first)

Your placenta was not put on ice or refrigerated within 1-2 hours of birth

Your placenta has not been kept adequately cold from birth to pick up

What if my placenta is taken to pathology after the birth?

This happens in some cases if there are complications with the baby or any uterine infection.  If your placenta is taken to pathology for testing, for any reason, it cannot be encapsulated.  If this happens to you, we will offer you a refund less your deposit.

Can I still have encapsulation done if I’m having a C-section birth or if I have an epidural or other labour drugs administered?

Yes, it’s generally considered safe to consume your placenta with the administration of labour drugs, in fact, I have encapsulated for many, many women who have done this will no ill effects.  If you are in doubt, always consult with your medical professional first.

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The services and products we offer are not clinical or pharmaceutical in nature and have not been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.  As non-medical professionals, we have no authority to offer medical advice regarding prevention, treatment or diagnosis of illness or symptoms. By using these services and products you acknowledge that you understand the risks and benefits of placenta encapsulation, tincture and homeopathic remedies based on your own research and belief of the placenta’s healing and nutritional properties.