Essential Birth Oils

There’s so much information about oils out there that it can be overwhelming knowing which ones to choose for labour and birth.  I’ve compiled my pick of 3 essential oils that are must haves in your birth kit.

1. Lavender – the all time favourite oil for bringing a sense of calm, peace and relaxation to you and the room.

Diffuse at home while labouring and while transferring to hospital take a tissue with a drop or two on it so you can smell it along the way.  Better yet, pop a few drops on an eye mask so you can wear it when you want to block out the action and lights of the hospital and stay calm and relaxed.

2. Clary Sage – you’ll need the ever helpful clary sage if you’re facing induction, if your labour slows down or just isn’t progressing.  Clary Sage can help to strengthen contractions so can be very effective in getting things started if you know you’re going to be induced or moving things along during labour.   Clary Sage comes in handy to help the placenta along, for any after-birth pains and then later on when your periods return too.

**** Clary Sage should not be used in pregnancy (only in labour) and most hospitals will not allow you to diffuse Clary Sage if your midwife is pregnant.  Place a few drops on a tissue to sniff or apply directly to your skin (I’d recommend diluting with fractionated coconut oil 1 drop to 5ml of carrier oil before applying to your skin) or DoTERRA have a handy roller ball blend called Clary Calm which is perfect for applying topically.

To increase contractions place a drop topically to your pinky toes at the nail bed, the inside ankle bones on both feet, and on the low abdomen every 15-20 min or until the strength of the contractions has increased.   This isn’t recommended unless labour has started.

3. Peppermint – your pick me up!  Peppermint can help reduce anxiety and hypertension, nausea and headaches.  It’s a perfect cooling oil if you’re feeling tired and need a pep up or if you’re feeling nauseous and/or have a headache.

Sniff on a tissue, diffuse or make up a spray bottle for use during labour.

You can use all 3 of these oils individually as described above or in combination.  Add to water in a spray bottle for a mist or add to fractionated coconut oil (1 drop to 5ml of carrier oil) for a birth massage oil.  Massage over your back, belly and legs and enjoy!

If you don’t have access to DoTERRA oils and would like to order these oils or a birth kit – click here.

Please note: with essential oils there can be possible skin sensitivity.  Remember to keep out of reach of children and consult your health care provider, midwife or obstetrician before using essential oils when pregnant or in labour.  Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears and sensitive areas.

This information is compiled from ‘Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies’ Second Edition, Stephanie Frtiz Lm, CPM.  The Essential Midwife.  2015.  Gently Born Publications.

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