Birth Classes

Birth Boot Camp is our newest birth program, it’s dynamic, practical and taught by myself and Moran Liviani from 2Life Doula.  

Birth Boot Camp runs over 2 days (usually 2 Sundays) at the spacious & newly renovated Grange Community Hall.  

Couples who come to Birth Boot Camp learn how they can have a positive birth experience by not only implementing a range of tools from mindfulness to active birth techniques but also by being advocates for the birth they are wanting and by learning how partners can best support women in labour and birth.     

Birth Classes & Workshops, Birth Classes
Birth Classes & Workshops, Birth Classes

Birth Boot Camp

2 Day Birth Workshop

Grange Community Hall, 187 Wilston Rd, Newmarket.

March 28 & April 11

August 8 & 15

Should COVID-19 restrictions be re-instated these
workshops will be held online via Zoom as we did during lockdown.

 What you’ll learn:

Practical birth tools; breathing, active birth techniques, partner support tools & what physiological birth is. 

Birth hormones & how they help us, how you can use pain to power, mindfulness & visualisation for your birth. 

Your birth rights & advocacy, navigating our maternity care system, medical interventions, risks & alternatives & your birth preferences.

Preparing for your postpartum, breastfeeding, self-care, expectations, management & support for your 4th trimester. 


5 Class Program

HypnoBirthing is a 5 week (2.5 hrs per week) comprehensive program that focuses on the mind-body connection & self-hypnosis for a calm birth experience. 

What you’ll learn:

Relaxation, breathing, visualisation, affirmation & self-hypnosis techniques for labour & birth. 

Practical labour tools & partner support strategies to empower you & your partner.

How fear is counter-productive to birth & fear release session. 

The hormones of labour and how these help or hinder us.

 Birth choices, choosing a care provider, birth preferences template & how to advocate for what you want in birth.

Private HypnoBirthing Refresher Class available 

Why work with me

I’m an experienced and certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, Certified Hypnotherapist and Holistic Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant.  I have a deep passion for women’s rights in birth, supporting women and their families through pregnancy and nurturing my community of families postpartum.  Birth Boot Camp was developed by and is taught by Carla Morgan and Moran Liviani from 2Life Doula.